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Garadia Mahadev Temple Garadia Mahadev Temple is a noted shrine of Kota, located near the Chambal River. It is located near the NH-76 that leads to Dabi and Chittorgarh. If you’re someone who enjoys spectacular views, then this place doesn’t disappoint. It provides one of the most mesmerising views you can hope to find of the Chambal River, gorge and the plains. The shrine can be reached by descending a few steps where you can pay your respects to Lord Shiva. The place is a tad remote and isolated from regular tourist hotspots but is worth the journey you have to make. Most people recount being stunned by the sheer beauty and memorable view. Thanks to the privacy and view it affords, this spot is quite popular as a picnic destination. Nature lovers can sit here for hours, absorbing its tranquillity and pristine beauty. Budding poets, writers and artists can count on being inspired by the still, blue waters and surrounding wilderness. If peace, blessings, nature’s splendour and privacy is what you’re looking for, you won’t find a better place than this.

At an altitude of around 500 feet from mean sea level, lies a gorge through which runs the river Chambal. Gigantic cliffs lie on either sides of the gorge. The winds blowing seem to be chanting the Shiv stotras in your ears to arouse the feeling of devotion in you. Garadia Mahadev Temple lies on one of the cliffs. The rituals are performed by a local priest who generally stays in the shrine till around 5:30pm. Late nights are not recommended. The place is picture perfect like a painting made by God himself. You can actually realize the bliss of solitude by sitting here for some time. The place has served many as a spot for picnic. The largest tributary of Yamuna, river Chambal is known for being the abode of many water species. Sitting on cliff you may catch a glimpse of the crocodiles, turtles etc.How to Reach National Highway number 76 runs from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh to Pindwara in Rajasthan. The highway runs through Kota erstwhile Kotah in the state of Rajasthan. After travelling for 25km south west from Kota on NH 76, a road diverts left from the highway. The diversion leads through a desolate place with little or, nil habitation. Untouched by electricity and almost untrodden, the path leads to far away from the maddening crowd. Travelling further on this kaccha road while enjoying the roller coaster ride for about 3km, you will finally arrive at the Garadia Mahadev Temple. If ecstasy lies in the trip and not the destination alone, this road can fill you with enough thrills to cherish all lifelong.To reach Garadia Mahadev Temple aim for Kota. It has a prosperous network of roadways. It is well connected to Delhi, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad by road. Kota junction railway station has numerous trains halting by. The nearest airport is at Jaipur.So get going to the Chambal Ghaati to immerse in peace of nature and seek the blessings of Shiva. tour my india

It is a natural beauty. You will love the place. It is around 20- 25 KM away form the Kota city on the Kota - Chittorgarh/Bhilwada highway. It is a rocky/hilly area.